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Best Local Lounges in Las Vegas for Date Night

Looking for the Best Local Lounges in Las Vegas? We have scoured through all the local lounges in Las Vegas to bring you the best option.

Updated June, 23rd, 2022

Hi, since this original post, a lot has happened. COVID 19 shut down the Las Vegas strip, and the birthing of new lounges became the ripple effect. Four new lounges have made the best local lounges in Las Vegas list.

If you are in a hurry to pick a good lounge, just pick the cosmopolitan hotel. Two of their lounges made this list. ????

For everyone else planning, welcome to Las Vegas the city that never sleeps. Las Vegas nightlife is always teeming with amazing venues for you and your date to spend the evening. If you are looking for a classy lounge or bar to take your date to, there are a number of options to choose from.

From these we bring you the classiest and trendiest Las Vegas lounges to make your next date night in Las Vegas as memorable as it can be. We’re sure that after going through our list, you will find the perfect venue for your next date, girls night out, or encounter ????

This list includes rooftop lounges, the best hip-hop lounges, and Latin Night Lounges in Las Vegas. So don’t worry you don’t need to check somewhere else. This is the no BS top lounges in Las Vegas list.

Hookah and R&B lounges in Las Vegas


At the time of this blog post, this Candelabra is barely in its soft opening phase. This establishment is brought to you by some of the most iconic nightlife owners, promoters, and straight-up bosses. This legacy dates back more than 12 years ago at Almaza Hookah Lounge. Almaza was the original local hot spot in Las Vegas. Since its closer Candelabra owners of worked on projects such as Nu Sanctuary Lounge and Embassy nightclub.

2) LUV Lounge

Best Lounges on Las Vegas Strip

1) Vanderpump Cocktail Garden

This is a popular venue that attracts people from all over Nevada, let alone Vegas. So make sure to make a reservation! Vamderpump Cocktail Garden is a classy place that caters to both small groups as well as private dates.

Most people who come here dress up and come enjoy the outdoor seating and the full bar. Vanderpump Cocktail Garden has a hand-selected cocktail menu along with a large selection of small bites. This classy and upscale atmosphere should surely make for a very romantic date.

2)   The Laundry Room

This is another upscale lounge that has become a big part of the Las Vegas nightlife. Again, making a reservation is a must because The Laundry Room attracts many cocktail lovers from all over the country. Here is a place where the romance of date night in Las Vegas fits in perfectly with the atmosphere. No large groups, no phone calls and no loud music.

The Laundry Room is known for its large selection of delicious cocktails, which can be specialized according to your desires. The intimate and mellow vibe of this lounge should make for a memorable date night for both.

3)   107 Skylounge

If you’re looking for a dive, but a classy dive, this place might be for you. In the heart of the cosmopolitan area of the city, this lounge has become an integral part of Las Vegas nightlife. The full bar and Happy Hour specials are one thing, but the amazing views of Vegas from the 107 SkyLounge are on another level.

Located on top of the new Strat, this romantic and upscale Las Vegas Lounge spins around very slowly as you drink and dine. So enjoy their signature selection of liquors and their variety of small plates. A seat the 107 Skylounge will surely take your next date to new heights. Literally!

4)   Vesper Bar

Here is another upscale place with a classy yet contemporary twist to it. Vesper Bar has mirrored tiles, surrounding neon accents and gold waves hanging from above. Here you’ll feel like you’re really living up to the Las Vegas nightlife dream. Not to mention that it’s located on the first floor of the Cosmopolitan.

At Vesper Bar you will enjoy a hand-selected cocktail menu that includes all the classics and also some reimagined contemporary cocktails. This brilliant selection will surely help make your date classy, and give you plenty to remember the date afterwards.

5)   Velveteen Rabbit

If you aren’t really looking for the upscale and classy date, the Velveteen Rabbit can offer you what you need. Here you’ll find a blend of atmosphere’s between casual, mellow and romantic. With their outdoor seating, hipster interior design, and delicious selection of cocktails, this place will make for a romantic date for the low-key types.

This trendy venue is located in the arts district of downtown Las Vegas. Although you’ll likely need to make a reservation, this place is a hidden gem amidst all the upscale Las Vegas lounges. The Velveteen Rabbit might be the perfect fix for those looking to bring a little spice into their dating life.

6)   The Chandelier

Las Vegas is home to many innovative dining and drinking experiences. This is part of what makes date night in Las Vegas so compelling. The Chandelier is one such place that is located in The Strip. Described as a ‘multi-story visual wonderland’, The Chandelier is a three-story venue, each housing its own unique bar experience. Through this The Chandelier expresses themes of cocktail haven, art exhibit and playground all in one.

This architectural wonder houses a full bar and mostly attracts small groups and casual dates. The noise level is moderate and the dress is mostly casual, but the beauty of the venue is sure to inspire intimacy and romance in your date. If you want to make your next date as romantic yet creative as you could possibly imagine, The Chandelier is definitely worth a shot.


After looking through all the options out there for your date night in Las Vegas, you surely can’t go wrong with these. Whether you’re want your date to be upscale and classy, or low-key and creative, the Las Vegas nightlife has a place just for you!