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How much should a Hookah cost

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How Much Does a Hookah Cost: The Average Cost of Hookahs and Hookah Accessories

Are you starting up your own hookah lounge? debating on how much you should charge customers? here at TheRkive, we will cover everything you need to know to. price your hookahs right. If you are a customer trying to get gauge on how much a hookah should cost when you visit a hookah lounge. This article will cover the prices and what you should expect to pay for a hookah in any city.

The Cost of Hookahs

First off you need to know what a hookah is. A hookah is simply a pipe or a metal bowl that is attached to a mouthpiece. A hookah comes in many different shapes, sizes and even flavors. One common size is a Dory. Dorys can come in many different colors, although white is the most common. Dorys range from about 15-20 inches long with a mouthpiece that can be either glass or plastic.

Dorys can be bought anywhere from $30-$60 for a single bowl. That price is going to vary depending on the size of the bowl, the tobacco and accessories you choose to use. Typically a Dory in the smaller range is only going to get about 5 to 7 puffs, and the price goes down the more you buy. The more money you spend, the more room you can pack in the bowl to allow more puffs.

What You Should Expect To Pay For A Hookah

So the first thing you should know about hookahs is that the average cost of a hookah ranges from around $100 to $500+ per hookah. The price is dependent on what kind of hookahs you buy as well as the accessories you need. A hookah with a large bowl can cost a little more while a small hookah may cost a little less. You also need to add on the cost of renting space in a hookah lounge.

The price depends on what you get for your money but in the end you get a custom sized hookah that is perfect for you and makes smoking a hookah very enjoyable. So the price is usually dependent on what you are willing to spend. What Hookahs Cost How To Choose a Hookah That is Perfect For You When it comes to choosing a hookah for your lounge there are two main factors to consider.

What affects the price of a hookah

Where you buy your hookah, the type of tobacco or no tobacco used, the time and the place you visit the hookah lounge will all affect the price of your hookah. Some other factors can play a part too like: the house where the hookah is located and whether the hookah is filtered or un-filtered. The Hookah Prices It is not difficult to get a hold of a hookah. the prices vary wildly from city to city.

In a city such as Los Angeles, a hookah can cost as much as $150. This can vary a lot from the cheapest hookah at $99.00 up to the most expensive one at $499.00. If you want to get a hookah outside of Los Angeles, they can go for just a little bit over $100. Different kinds of Hookahs Most hookahs are not the same. These two models are the typical hookahs and a paraffin hookah.

How To Price Your Brand

Before you can calculate your cost and make sure your hookah’s price is affordable, you need to know what you should expect to pay. When you are preparing to open your hookah lounge, you need to be familiar with all the different brands and prices.

Once you know what to expect to pay for hookah accessories, you can then calculate a price point for your hookah. Below you can see different companies that sell hookahs and accessories at different price ranges: When you know what prices are attached to the hookah, you are ready to start calculating your hookah prices. The Time For Hookahs So how much are hookahs sold for? Well, there are many factors that go into that price.

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