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Local Favorite Hookah Lounges in Miami Top Picks

Of all the happening scenes in the Miami nightlife, there’s a very hip niche in the form of the hookah lounge. Miami is home to many kinds of people, and if you want to spend your night toking on a hookah, there’s many places to choose from as well.

We’ve scoured all the hookah bars of Miami nightlife to bring you the local favorites. We are sure that this guide will help you pick the best hookah lounge Miami has to offer for you. So let’s get to it!

1)   Smoke Wynwood

This is probably one of the hippest and most innovative kinds of hookah bars Miami is home to. This venue caters to all different kinds of people. The deal is that you have to love to smoke and toke.

Located near the Wynwood Walls, Smoke Wynwood houses an awesome smoke shop, a very chill outdoor seating area, and a classy indoor lounge. This trendy hookah bar is great for groups or even a casual date, and is a big part of the Miami nightlife scene. If you’re into a hipster smoking vibe, this place is surely for you.

They have a full bar and amazing happy hour specials and are well known for their long lasting hookahs. Be sure to try the Ice Hose that they offer, as its cold smooth pull will transform your smoking experience.

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2)   Balans Hookah Lounge

Located on South Miami Avenue, Balans Bar is a classy and upscale hookah lounge. With a large area at their disposal Balans Hookah Lounge is great for groups as it tends to get loud at night. They cater both indoor and outdoor seating and allow cigarette smoking at their venue.

The inside is very classy, housing a fountain in the middle of the room, with ambient lights. Balans Hookah Lounges serves many varieties of hookah flavors. They are known for putting fresh fruit in their hookah water, making the smoke sweet and refreshing.

If you’re into drinking while smoking hookah, this is the place for you. Go with a group of friends and enjoy their full bar while you chose from many different hookahs. Make sure not to miss out on their Happy Hour specials.

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3)   Oasis Lounge and Hookah Bar

If you’re looking for a place with a really large variety of hookahs, this might just be it. Oasis Lounge is a big part of Miami nightlife and especially the nightlife of its locale, The Grove. This is a very casual spot to smoke hookah and enjoy their full bar.

With a DJ playing live sets on most nights, and a pool table for you sporty types, this is a great place to come with your friends on a weekend. Oasis Hookah Lounge is well known for their great customer service and chill ambience and is a must try for those in the area.

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4)   Hookita Lounge

This chill hookah lounge caters to people who want a sports bar experience, but also the vibe of a hookah bar. Miami truly has a niche for everyone! With an open seating space indoors, this place has comfy chairs, fancy hookah, an open bar, and sports channels playing on Televisions.

Even though they have a sports bar aesthetic, the vibe has become very trendy over the years. While it’s a great place to drink and smoke, it’s also a common study spot during the less busy hours.

Hookita Lounge is also well known for its great customer service, with the owner commonly seen getting to know his customers over a few tokes and laughs. In the end, all sorts come to hang out at Hookita lounge for their many amenities if not just for their great hookah. Miami residents and tourists should all give this groovy place a shot.

5)   Pharaoh Hookah and Cigar Lounge

If you’re looking for a low key hookah bar to smoke at tonight, this might be it. Located in Little Havana, Pharaoh Hookah and Cigar Lounge is casual and touristy. They have private rooms where you can connect your own phone to a Bluetooth speaker and feel all cozy. This is really a great hookah lounge Miami has to offer.

Although great for an intimate date, the place also caters to large groups, with many televisions and a pool table. Although they do not serve alcohol, their selection of hookahs and cigars is to die for. Over the years Pharaoh Hookah and Cigar Lounge has proven to be an integral part of Miami nightlife.

Time to Toke!

So there you have it. After scouring the Miami nightlife and hookah scene we bring you the local favorites. Surely, with all this variety in ambiance, service, and atmosphere, we are sure you will be able to find the best hookah lounge Miami has to offer for you.