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The Best Hookah Lounges For Date Night in NewYork

New York City is known for its abundance of awesome venues for date nights. The New York nightlife is absolutely sprawling with great ways for you and your date to spend your night together in cool new ways. However, people who love to smoke hookah during their dates might find it hard to choose the right place for them. After all, there are many different kinds of hookah bars NYC has to offer.

Some hookah lounges are better for groups, while others put on a complete hipster vibe. Not to worry. We’ve scoured the New York nightlife scene to find the best hookah lounges for your next date night. There’s surely a place out there where you can have a great hookah experience with your date.

Aziza Café and Lounge

Located in the East Village, this hookah lounge has an intimate and romantic setting. With dimmed downlights, low to moderate noise levels, and an excellent hookah selection, this place will be great for your next date.

While the dress is casual and they only serve beer and wine, this place has its own classy vibe without being too upscale. With indoor and outdoor seating to choose between and lots of hookahs to choose from, we are sure you and your date will have a memorable night at Aziza Café and Lounge.

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Desert Rain Lounge

Located in Forest Hills, Desert Rain Lounge is an integral part of the New York nightlife scene. This is an intimate lounge that might be good for casual groups, yet the noise level and lighting are always low. They only serve wine and beer and offer happy hour specials.

If you and your date are real hookah connoisseurs then all the better. Desert Rain Lounge offers ice pipes and fruit bowls, along with offering innovative bases for your hookah such as milk, coffee, and Redbull.

The vibe at Desert Rain Lounge is extremely chill, with great music and atmosphere, it is also an ideal place for dancing, both with small groups and with your date. Add to that the amazing customer service its known for and you get one of New York’s best hookah lounges. NYC doesn’t normally do better than this when it comes to its intimate hookah lounges.

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La Sultana Café

For all hookah smokers who enjoy the cultural vibe of the hookah, La Sultana Café offers an intimate atmosphere while flaunting a Middle Eastern Setting. With moderate noise and lighting levels, this place is classy and trendy and is a great place for date night.

People who visit La Sultana Café feel as if they have been transported to a little hookah safe haven away from the hustle and bustle of the New York nightlife. The backroom off to the left is known for its coziness although the entire space is very comfortable and private. A perfect place to spend a quiet night over some hookah with your date.

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Illusions Hookah and Mixology Lounge

For those looking to spend their date night in a setting with more people and an open bar, this might be it. Illusions Hookah and Mixology lounge is very trendy yet manages to stay casual at the same time. The place is dimly lit and hosts live DJ playing sets.

While this hookah lounge attracts large groups as well, the place seems to be a mix of sports bars and trendy premium liquor establishments. With top-quality liquor to supplement your hookah, the prices here tend to get high.

However, you and your date can rest assured that the quality of your hookah and liquor is premium. As of recently, they have started selling food on their menu, making this a great place for you and your date to drink, dine and smoke all in one.

Sugar and Coal

New York nightlife sometimes comes up with some crazy ideas. Often, however, those ideas seem to work perfectly. Sugar and Coal is one such idea that specializes in two things only: Desserts and Hookah. This is truly an innovative hookah bar NYC offers. If you and your date have as much of a sweet tooth as you like to smoke hookah, you two have to give this a shot.

Located in Rego Park, Queens, this place has a moderate amount of noise and has fashioned itself as a trendy and classy establishment. They serve beer and wine only, making it a commonly chosen spot for date night.

Sugar and Coal serves a large variety of hookah brands and flavors and supplements them with a wide selection of deliciously decadent desserts. If you and your date are looking for a date spot that won’t disappoint, Sugar and Coal is a must try.

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Summing Up

So there you have it. These are some of the best hookah lounge NYC offers. To make it better, we’ve narrowed them down to the ones that will be perfect for an intimate date night over some hookah. With these hookah lounges, we are sure you and your date will have a very memorable night.