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Jun 21
The 6 Best Yard House Happy Hours

It’s that time of the week again – happy hour! And this time, our yard house is open for business! From cocktails and appetizers to bites and main courses, we’ve got everything you need to ring in the weekend happy hour style. So what are you waiting for? Come on over and join us for […]

Jun 21
How to Survive Your First Music Festival – From Intake to After Party

Whether you’re a music lover or new to the genre, attending a music festival is an experience not to be missed.  Whether you’re looking for a weekend full of fun and excitement or an opportunity to learn more about a particular artist or genre, our blog has you covered.  In this post, we’ll discuss everything […]

Sep 07
How much should a Hookah cost

How Much Does a Hookah Cost: The Average Cost of Hookahs and Hookah Accessories Are you starting up your own hookah lounge? debating on how much you should charge customers? here at TheRkive, we will cover everything you need to know to. price your hookahs right. If you are a customer trying to get gauge […]

Sep 03
How to Get a Job in Nightlife: The Best Cities to Work in Nightlife

Working in the nightlife is a fun and rewarding career choice. Depending on what city you live in, working in the nightlife could be a lifelong career. This article will go over the best places to find a nightlife job, the best cities to work in nightlife, and how to land a job in the […]

Sep 03 a Nightlife Directory and So Much More

The Ultimate Nightlife Directory: Listing Bars, Clubs, And Events All Over The World Have you ever visited a new city and found yourself trying to find a good place to go have fun after a long day? The Rkive is a new nightlife directory that helps you find the best hot spot in cities near […]

Apr 13
The Best Hookah Lounges For Date Night in NewYork

New York City is known for its abundance of awesome venues for date nights. The New York nightlife is absolutely sprawling with great ways for you and your date to spend your night together in cool new ways. However, people who love to smoke hookah during their dates might find it hard to choose the […]

Apr 01
Turning 30 and Clubbing how to still have fun

How to Find Time to Go Out When You’re 30 and Have Kids Having fun should never stop. Regardless if you are in your 30’s or not, have kids or do not. This article will go over the best places to go in your 30’s to have fun. Nightlife tips when you are in your […]

Jan 09
Best Local Hookah Lounges In Las Vegas

There aren’t many things more relaxing than gathering with your friends at a happening place over some hookah. While the hobby of smoking tobacco from a hookah originated from Persia, today Las Vegas is teeming with great hookah lounge options. The Las Vegas hookah scene is expanding, contributing to the captivating Las Vegas nightlife. Whether […]

Nov 13
Local Favorite Hookah Lounges in Miami Top Picks

Of all the happening scenes in the Miami nightlife, there’s a very hip niche in the form of the hookah lounge. Miami is home to many kinds of people, and if you want to spend your night toking on a hookah, there’s many places to choose from as well. We’ve scoured all the hookah bars […]

Aug 13
Top Ten Hookah Lounges in LA Hands Down

Although there is no shortage of awesome things to do in Los Angeles one of the most hip scenes these days are the LA Hookah Lounges. If you’re someone who likes to indulge in this Middle Eastern pipe smoking tradition then the LA nightlife is teeming with several great venues to choose from. We have […]