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Are you looking for the best nightlife events? Or perhaps you want to promote your venue. is a nightlife directory that helps you find things to do. We have all your favorite clubs, bars, and restaurants in one place! You can also find out about the latest happy hours happening near you or promote your own venue with us. 

Sign up for free today and start exploring all of our features including our map view, which will show you what’s happening around you right now! You’ll be able to see everything from concerts at local venues to parties at nightclubs – it’s all just a click away. Plus we’re always adding new places so there’s always something new coming soon. Check back often and stay updated on what’s going on tonight in your near you!

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Promoting nightlife and enterinammnet around the world

Originally founded in 2011, The Rkive Entertainment Group LLC has been revamped and ready to help you find your next night out. 

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What We offer

We promote local entertainment.

Happy Hours & Nightlife

Find and promote local happy hours near you. We are building the largest entertainment directory.

We promote your venues

We partner wiith local bar owners and nightclubs to promote their venues and events. Find out how to Claim Your City.

Our Core Values

Provide the best recommendations to people looking to have fun. We vet and closey monitor our listings.

We work with top nightlife brands.

The Rkive is an ever-growing and expanding ecosystem of nightlife venues and entertainment options for party goes and adventure seekers.