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Best Local Hookah Lounges In Las Vegas

There aren’t many things more relaxing than gathering with your friends at a happening place over some hookah. While the hobby of smoking tobacco from a hookah originated from Persia, today Las Vegas is teeming with great hookah lounge options. The Las Vegas hookah scene is expanding, contributing to the captivating Las Vegas nightlife.

Whether you’re looking for a hookah bar that serves great food, or one with a chill ambiance, we are sure the right hookah bar for you is out there. So without further ado, here is our list of the best hookah lounges in Las Vegas.

The best hookah lounges near you in Las Vegas

Hands down the best hookah lounges in Las Vegas, being a Las Vegas local I have had first-hand experiences at all of these establishments.

1)   Luna Lounge

One of the few hookah lounges located on The Strip, this luxurious hookah lounge boasts a full bar and serves both lunch and dinner. However, what truly shines are the vast selection of hookah flavors they have available.

When the regular fruity flavors don’t quite cut it, you can experiment with flavors like Moonshine and Spice Chai. Luna Lounge has fashioned itself as a trendy and classy place, with a moderate amount of noise this is a great place to hang out with groups of friends.

2)   LUV Lounge

Located on E Warm Springs Road, this hookah lounge is a romantic, upscale and intimate setting. Besides their large selection of hookah flavors, LUV Lounge serves dinner and drinks and has a diverse range of food options. This is a great place for hookah lovers to go on a dinner date, with lots of options for vegans and vegetarians as well.

LUV Lounge is also well known for their amazing Happy Hour Specials, with drinks at buy-one-get-one free and hookahs at half price.

3)   Starbuzz Vegas Hookah Lounge

Located on Tropicana Avenue, this Hookah Lounge is perfect for youngsters to have a night out with their friends. While the ambiance is casual and trendy, they also have a hipster vibe going for them. On Friday’s and Saturday’s they feature a live DJ performing a sick set.

Starbuzz Vegas hookah lounge is a fantastic place for young people to be a part of Las Vegas nightlife. As the name suggests however, they only serve Starbuzz hookah products. So if you want other hookah brands this might not be the place for you.

4)   Blaqcat Ultra Hookah Lounge

This place is perfect for anyone looking to spend a casual night out over some hookah. The laidback atmosphere also includes a smoke shop as well as an Afghani Tea Lounge. The ambiance has a touch of a Middle Eastern quality to it, allowing customers to truly feel like they are tasting the best multicultural experience Las Vegas has to offer.

Blaqcat Ultra Hookah Lounge allows indoor smoking, and has outdoor seating for those who prefer some fresh air. With dim purple lights and a diverse music selection, this is a hookah bar for those who want to spend their night laying back and relaxing in a very chill environment.

5)   Sultan’s Palace

A very romantic hookah lounge located on West Sahara Avenue, Sultan’s Palace prides itself on being a place where hookah connoisseurs feel right at home. With a gorgeous, classy atmosphere, full bar and live music, Sultan’s Palace is a great place to try something new and exciting on your next date.

Sultan’s Palace is truly a must try hookah lounge in Las Vegas. Nightlife options for couples tend to be few and far between, but this place is perfect for anyone trying to have an intimate time with their partner. Sultan’s Palace also boasts a vast array of food options, including  Middle Eastern food and Vegan options.

6)   Azuza Hookah Lounge and Café

Located on Paradise Road, this Hookah lounge is classy and casual at the same time. While customer service boasts unmatched hospitality, the vibe is very chill. With lots of seating room, hookah options and a full bar, this is a great place to have a small party with up to 10 or 15 friends.

Azuza Hookah Lounge may have fashioned itself as a great modern hookah bar, with lots of options to choose from. However it is their kitchen that is the star of the show. With a variety of Middle Eastern and American fusion options as well as their Halal and Vegan options, this is a great place to treat your taste buds to exciting new culinary experiences.

Get Your Hookah on!

As a hookah enthusiast, whether you’re looking to hang with friends, go on a date, try some exciting new food or throw a small party, there is a hookah lounge that is right for you.

Las Vegas nightlife is famous for having no shortage of diverse experiences to be a part of. When it comes to the Las Vegas hookah scene there are many options to choose from, but once you find the right hookah lounge for you, there is no going back.